Last week I saw a Youtube video of a man doing an improvisation with an autistic child you can see the video by clicking here. I was inspired by the way he engaged his client in the improvisation, keeping a great balance between taking the lead and giving the child a chance to express himself. This man was Ryan Judd, who has a video blog where he shares his knowledge about working with children with special needs.

Luckily for us, he wanted to do an interview!

Q. For starters, can you tell us a bit about your work as a music therapist?

I am in private practice and specialize in working with children with special needs.  I see clients individually and in groups in the home, clinic and school settings.  I also supervise two music therapists and I am a mentor to young music therapists just starting out.

In addition to these responsibilities, I recently launched The Rhythm Tree DVD and Music Package for Children with Special Needs. It gives parents, educators and therapists all of the tools they need to use music to help children with special needs. I also have a bi-weekly newsletter and video blog that I use to educate others about our field and how they can use music to help children.

Q. What do your therapy sessions look like?

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