Music and Special Needs : How to Address Sequencing Skills

Hey, everyone. Welcome back to The Rhythm Tree. Today has been a very exciting day for me. I was at the printer and got my proof of my guidebook to go with my DVD music therapy package with children with special needs. I also received all the special instruments that I had manufactured just for this package. So, I’m very excited. The launch date is December 10th so stay tuned.

This video clip… music can be used for so many wonderful things and one of them is sequencing whether it’s playing different instruments in a row or doing something fun like with this song… “If you’re happy and you know it…” and trying to work some sequencing activities into that. It can be a great way to reach those two and three-step sequences that are so common on certain client’s and children’s IEPs and therapeutic goals.

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Thank you.

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