Music for Motor Skills and Greetings

Welcome back to The Rhythm Tree. I have a very short video clip to share with you today because there’s a lot going on. The beginning of the video clip, I’m holding out a tambourine for my client to reach for. My client doesn’t use his right hand or arm very much so functional use of this hand and arm is very important – it’s one of his therapeutic goals as well as crossing midline to grab onto something. He’s motivated by the instrument, reaches across, grabs onto it – now, he’s using fine motor skills to hold onto it and then gross motor skills to play it. I love using instruments in therapy. It’s a great way to address all sorts of therapeutic goals. You’ll notice too that I mirror the volume he plays the tambourine at. When he stops, I stop. He even starts moving his body at one point, I mirror this, and I feel like that’s when we have a really great connection and there’s a lot of nice eye contact going on there.

So, using music, especially with instruments, can be very motivating to capture a child’s attention… Tambourines are great. These are actually the tambourines that I’ve included in my music therapy DVD package which is coming out Monday which I’m very excited – next Monday, December 10th. I include two of these tambourines and two pairs of maracas. These are awesome, kid-friendly instruments – so many things you can do therapeutically with. I include two pairs of rhythm sticks. Again, so much you can do with these especially with fine and gross motor skills. In the DVD, I go through all sorts of fun songs that incorporate playing all these instruments. In the guidebook I include, I discuss different ways to use them therapeutically.

I hope you enjoy this video clip and tune in next week at

Thank you.

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