Music and Autism : Skills for Communication


Welcome back to The Rhythm Tree. Alright, there is a lot going on in this video clip so let’s jump right in. This is a client with mine with Autism, and you may have seen him in a previous video posted, it’s still up on my video blog and it’s helping a child with Autism use sign language and finger extension. That is so huge because being able to extend just that one finger instead of a swipe, just that one finger to touch a small space on the iPad. This is also great for other alternative augmentative communication devices such as a springboard or a DynaVox. How we got there is we first started with the piano and I put a little colored sticker on one of the keys and he had to hit that key for the music to continue – you can check that out on the other clip. At first, he needed a lot of physical support to not only put one finger out but to also look at the spot on the keyboard, he needed some verbal prompting for that and he needed a little assistance from me but I started to fade that as soon as I could even after working on one or two sessions. Sort of fade my physical support so that is was just a little tap on his elbow and then nothing at all. Now, he’s gotten to the point, just a couple of months later, of being able to generalize that skill in touch a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in the iPad. I’ll share this app with you – it’s a super simple app but really nice. I’m so excited about his accomplishment and success.

Please tune in next week at and I’ll have more videos, resources, strategies and tips for you. Thank you.


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