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Want Help Teaching Social Skills to Children with Special Needs?

Check out my Study-at-Home Online Video Course!

Perfect for Parents, Educators and Therapists. (no musical abilities required)


Review of music and autism video course "One word to sum up this course: QUALITY!!! Ryan's tips and natural way of being is inspiring and priceless. I am so excited to use these songs to help guide and bring joy to the children I work with."


- Heidi C.


Review of music and autism video course "This Music and Social Skills video course is superb! The repetition of detail and inviting spontaneous flexibility is great. The videos with the kids are so sweet. They give the depth of content learning a break, with a heart warming reminder of the benefit."

 - Bill C.


Review of music and autism video course "The most impressive and enjoyable part of this course can be found within the Video Clips that are interjected at strategic moments. These clips clearly illustrate the successful use of music in social interaction for children with special needs. It is here that real musical interactions are wonderfully captured on film, between Ryan and a variety of children who are challenged with difficulties in social interaction. By studying this course, I learned the importance of active listening in Music Therapy. Many examples are given, that show Ryan pausing for quite a long while, as he waits for the children to respond to his prompts for interaction through music. I am now completely convinced that children need lots of uninterrupted time to respond to prompts. Ryan also illustrates how to facilitate a child’s authentic response in order to lead them to a very real sense of empowerment and pleasure. Ryan’s song choices emphasize simplicity and clarity. I learned them easily. He shows how the words can be adapted to meet each child’s needs, and he carefully describes how to adjust the pace and tempo to connect with each child within their communication challenges. I highly recommend this course for people who live and work with children with special needs."   - Ruth T.


Music can be such a powerful to connect with children and motivate them to work on social skills. This couse will teach you easy-to-learn songs, activities and techniques to make learning and practicing social skills fun and motivating! In this class, you will learn how to use music to help improve:

  • Greetings and farewells
  • Impulse Control
  • Eye Contact
  • Turn-taking
  • Sharing
  • Transitions
  • Social anxiety
  • Behavioral challenges
  • Group Play
  • Joint Attention
  • Imitation
  • Following Directions
  • Sustained Attention to an Activity
  • Indentification of emotions

Not only will I walk you through each song and activity, but I will share clips of me successfully using these exact songs and techniques with my clients.

What's included?

  • 30-day access to a 1 hour, 10 minute long video full of great songs, techniques and activities
  • An easy-to-read workbook with all of the lyrics, songs, resources, and goals from the video
  • Bonus Rhythm Tree CD download ($11.95 value)
  • Bonus PDF download of my award-winning songbook for special needs ($15.95 value)
  • Combined value of bonus CD and Songbook - $27.90

Price for everything listed above - $29.95 (if you do not think that this is a fantastic course and incredible value, I will gladly refund your money)



Live Workshops and Webinars

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Music is motivating, fun and expressive, yet most parents and professionals do not use it often with children with special needs. Although we know that music can help us bond with these children and help them reach their therapeutic goals, we hesitate to use music because we lack the tools, techniques and resources.

The purpose of my workshops and webinars is to empower parents and professionals with the skills they need to bring music into their interactions with children with special needs. You do not need to be musical or even be able to sing in order to use music in this way. My workshops are interactive, "hands on" and incorporate video examples of many of the concepts and techniques that I teach. Workshops are 2 to 3 hours long and include a comprehensive handout with the information presented in the workshop, as well as an extensive list of resources and references.  I currently offer my live workshops in the Northeast and my webinars internationally.


My workshops and webinars will teach you how to:

  • Use music to help you connect and bond with children.
  • Use music to ease fear and anxiety.
  • Use music to help children reach their therapeutic goals in the areas of...

    1. speech/communication

    2. motor skill development

    3. retention of academic information

    4. activities of daily living (ADLs)

    5. social skill development

    6. behavioral modification


"Ryan presented many ways to integrate music at home or in a classroom setting. His ideas are easy to implement, but would be very effective in motivating children to meet academic, social, occupational or physical therapy goals. He has a wealth of ideas, resources, and personal examples that make his workshop so enjoyable!"

Jen Haigh – Preschool Teacher


"The workshop was very helpful, insightful, and very informative. The video clips were very appropriate and valuable. Ryan is very passionate and well informed. His presentation style made it a simple and worthwhile experience."

Funso A. – Parent of a child with special needs


"With Ryan Judd's musical talent and personality, you immediately know that children will enjoy being with him. He approaches his teaching with a passion that you can feel and a genuine interest in the individuals with whom he is working. His relaxed approach makes those present feel comfortable even though music may be out of their comfort zone. His use of taping some of his clients is useful in helping others to understand more about music therapy and how effective it can be with children. He supports his creative approach with his comprehensive handouts that include lots of suggestions and resources. Through this workshop, Ryan plants the seeds in his audience and allows them to grow at their own pace with gentle support. I only wish that we had had more parents there to take advantage of this opportunity."

Betsy Carroll, CTRS/L – Recreation & Parent Support Coordinator Family Support – Community Partners -Dover, NH


"Loved the workshop! Examples, videos and hands-on practice were priceless! I'm very excited to implement these strategies in my classroom!" 

Heather Pacheco - Special Education Teacher in Windham, NH


Music Therapy Activities in Action!

To see the effect that music can have on children with special needs, please check out my video blog at

Music Kit perfect for the Classroom, Home or Clinic

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