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Easy and Fun Ways You Can Use Music to Teach Speech Skills

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

This video shows you how to use music and "Sing and Read" books to practice speech skills as part of a Down syndrome treatment program. Please sign up for my newsletter full of great musical special education resources at

This music therapy video illustrates the following...

  • Sing and Read books make it easy for the non-musician to use music to help a child reach their therapeutic goals (Comprehensive list of Sing and Read Books:

  • Using slower speech and exaggerated articulation can help a child process speech better and learn how words are articulated

  • Using visual phonetics helps a child understand how to articulate specific sounds (

  • Using dramatic voices can draw in a child's attention and make therapeutic work fun and motivating

  • Using an anticipatory breath combined with wait time is an effective way to let a child know that they are expected to respond

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