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We're online! The Rhythm Tree is now offering our services remotely in NH, MA and ME using the telehealth model. 


What parents are saying about out telemusic-therapy services: 


"Words cannot express how grateful we are that Ryan Judd is able to offer telemusic therapy sessions to our daughter Lily. Ryan has been able to work directly with Lily on self-regulation strategies, her expressive language as well as impulse control. Most importantly her sessions have brought her happiness. These sessions have become something Lily asks for and looks forward to during the week. Ryan Judd is always positive, child-directed and engaging. We as parents are able to use the strategies we have seen Ryan use in his sessions with Lily when she is disregulated during the day. Telemusic therapy has proven to be a very successful tool during this time of at-home learning. Her smile says it all!


"Music Therapy is such an important part of Brandon’s life that we were worried how not having it would affect him.  The tele-sessions have worked out tremendously.  Weekly sessions, of self-regulating techniques, such as low and slow breathing, the comfort through these uncertain times, of knowing each week at the same time, I still have music therapy has been instrumental in Brandon’s progress.  Due to the weekly tele-sessions he has less anxiety and negative behaviors, which has made our quarantine time less stressful." 



What is tele-music therapy?

Telemusic-therapy is an online version of our music therapy services that can help clients with:


  • Decreased anxiety and stress
  • Creating joyful, creative experiences together
  • Increased attention
  • Improved communication skills
  • Improved motor skills
  • Successful and safe self-expression
  • Decreased self-stimulation

  • Improved cognitive functioning

  • Improved behavior

  • Enhanced auditory processing

  • Decreased agitation

  • Enhanced sensory-motor skills

Who can benefit from on-line music therapy services? 

Individuals with special needs who love music! These services are ideal for children, adolescents and adults with special needs who have a reliable internet connection.


Where are your services available?  

Our telemusic-therapy services are available in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine. Our in-person services are available in New Hampshire, Northern Massachusetts and Southern Maine. We offer individual and group sessions for individuals of all ages with special needs. For more information on setting up music therapy sessions, please email Ryan at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


How much does it cost?  

For individual music therapy sessions with one of my talented team members, weekly 45-minute sessions range from $60 to $65 USD, and 60-minute sessions are $80 to $85 USD.



For frequently asked questions (FAQ) about music therapy services please click here.



Therapeutic Approach

To create an environment where my clients are free to express themselves, I structure sessions that are fun and full of laughter. The improvisational, spontaneous nature of my work allows me to address each client's unique needs in the present moment. I also support and nurture inner strength and self-confidence by providing a musical landscape where clients experience joy and success. By facilitating the therapeutic relationship through music, drama, and creativity, my clients are more willing to work on their most challenging therapeutic goals. To see my work in action, please check out my videoblog.

Music Therapy for Adults in New Hampshire

What is Music Therapy and what are it's benefits?

Music therapy is an established health care profession that uses music to accomplish therapeutic goals. In a typical session, the client and therapist create musical experiences through instrument play, movement to music, singing, vocalizing, and song-writing. These experiences are focused on speech, occupational, physical, academic, and/or behavioral goals. Clients do not need any musical skill or experience to participate in and benefit from music therapy. To read more about music therapy, please check out the articles and infographics on my "About" page.


Music Therapy is an Evidence-Based Practice

Many universities world-wide are conducting research on the benefits of music therapy for individuals with special needs. This is a list of some of the research-based outcomes of music therapy. 

  • Increased attention

  • Decreased self-stimulation

  • Improved cognitive functioning

  • Increased socialization

  • Successful and safe self-expression

  • Improved behavior

  • Enhanced auditory processing

  • Decreased agitation

  • Improved receptive/expressive language

  • Enhanced sensory-motor skills

For detailed information about these studies and results, please visit the American Music Therapy Association’s “Fact Sheet” page a bibliography of this research.

Information from the American Music Therapy Association

To download articles from the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) about the benefits of music therapy with the following populations, use the links below.  

Special Education



Young Children

My work has been featured on ABC World News Tonight





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The Benefits of Music Therapy

"Ryan Judd was able to motivate our son, Stephen, to do certain things with ease that he had been laboring on in Speech, OT and ABA therapies. I tried Music Therapy because I thought it would be fun for our son, but then I quickly found it to be the most effective therapy we've tried. Our son met his goals quickly, and then generalized the skill so well to other settings. Ryan addressed challenges from social, to academic, to gross motor with quick success. In our son's case, he has so many abilities that go untapped because of uncooperative tendencies. Other therapists would shake their head in amazement as they observed Ryan's work with Stephen and saw him jump to whatever Ryan required of him. It raised the bar for all of us to realize what Stephen could do. I hope other parents don't wait as long as I did to implement this wonderful resource, especially if you have the opportunity to work with Ryan Judd!"

Saundra Shaeffer
Mother of a 6 year old son with autism

Group Music Therapy with Children with Autism

"Ryan Judd worked within our center-based intervention program directing individualized and small group music therapy for children with autism spectrum disorder. Ryan's passion and creativity engaged the children in every sense of the word, and from there, the learning began. We saw amazing growth and changes among each child as an individual and among the groups of children as a whole. Whether it be through chatting along with a crazy puppet or two or wildly dancing around with friends, Ryan consistently provided intriguing and effective opportunities for learning. Ryan has a truly instinctive way with our kiddos, and his knowledge and inspiration shine through in all that he does."

Gina L. Smith
Executive Director
Creative Perspectives, Inc.
Autism Center of Colorado

Music Therapy in the School Setting

"It has been my pleasure to work with Ryan Judd and some of my special needs students, ages three to six years, over the last three years. Ryan brings an ability to engage children, meeting them at their level, and following their needs and interests. He utilizes theatrics, humor and engaging props in addition to his guitar, to draw the children in to participate in his interactive sessions.

Ryan interacts with staff and seeks to work on goals set by the team and has been key to facilitating the learning of colors, letters and numbers for some children who were slow to respond to other methods of intervention. He has taught social skills, turn taking and greetings, use of names, thank you and good bye. Ryan has drawn non-verbal responses from children who have no language, clearly demonstrating their ability to understand and follow directions. The music therapy sessions with Ryan are energetic, fun and focused on furthering developmental goals. I strongly endorse the inclusion of music therapy in the treatment of young children who encounter challenges in their learning."

Di Karpman, Occupational Therapist
Ellis Elementary School, Fremont, NH


Contact Information for Music Therapy Services in New Hampshire, Northern Massachusetts and Southern Maine

Ryan Judd, MA, MT-BC (Board Certified Music Therapist)


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







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