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The Rhythm Tree CD (MP3 Instant Digital Download)

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This CD has these 9 Learn-along Songs and is Great for the Car or Classroom

Check out the complete DVD, CD, and Guidebook HERE


“It's Music Time” - Greetings, Speech & Communication

“We're Gonna Move” - Body Awareness, Gross Motor Skills, Impulse Control

“Tap My Sticks” - Imitation, Following Directions, Fine Motor Skills, Gross Motor Skills

“Copy My Beat” - Eye Contact, Sequencing, Short-term Memory, Counting

“The Rhythm Tree” - Articulation, Gross Motor Skills, Range of Motion

“Follow Me” - Bonding, Fine Motor Skills, Eye Contact

“The Requesting Song” - Requesting, Stringing Words Together, Vocal Inflection, Choice-making

“Where is Thumbkin?” - Finger Isolation, Identifying Emotions, Pincer & Tripod Grasp Development

“The Good-bye Song” - Social Skills, Eye Contact, Saying and/or Waving Good-bye

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