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The Rhythm Tree CD (MP3 Instant Digital Download)

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This CD has these 9 Learn-along Songs and is Great for the Car or Classroom

Check out the complete DVD, CD, and Guidebook HERE

This is also available on iTunes. Here's the link!


“It's Music Time” - Greetings, Speech & Communication

“We're Gonna Move” - Body Awareness, Gross Motor Skills, Impulse Control

“Tap My Sticks” - Imitation, Following Directions, Fine Motor Skills, Gross Motor Skills

“Copy My Beat” - Eye Contact, Sequencing, Short-term Memory, Counting

“The Rhythm Tree” - Articulation, Gross Motor Skills, Range of Motion

“Follow Me” - Bonding, Fine Motor Skills, Eye Contact

“The Requesting Song” - Requesting, Stringing Words Together, Vocal Inflection, Choice-making

“Where is Thumbkin?” - Finger Isolation, Identifying Emotions, Pincer & Tripod Grasp Development

“The Good-bye Song” - Social Skills, Eye Contact, Saying and/or Waving Good-byeTo read our terms and conditions, click here

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